Monday, 19 September 2011

Taking some teeth.

Brought HL breakfast in bed, nutella toast and tea. Poor chap is going to have surgery later to remove some teeth, so he had to eat early. He's not looking forwards to it, but it will be better than putting up with all those damaged/ing wisdom teeth.

We spotted this graffiti on the way through the underground walk to the hospital. I have to say, it's kind of fortunate I did make sure he had a good breakfast, as we were kept waiting for four hours.

But once he came back out, though still VERY woozy from the anaesthetics, he said he didn't care about the wait - that was DEFINITELY the way to have teeth removed. First class service. In fact, so good that, once he'd checked his fingers were still there with hand gestures very similar to Johnny Depp in Loathing, he even said we ought to leave them a tip. And that the anaesthetics definitely weren't a truth drug. "See - I AM the king of Dubai!" He also said that it was a shame they didn't give him a robot jaw. That would have been cool.

Guys, he'll be online later (he thinks!) but he can't at the moment - he's got really, really bad internal lag. His processor just won't handle the ... uh... something. But the toffee yogurt is really good!

Quote of the day: "Hello world! Goodbye teeth..." Freshly woken up. Quickly followed by: "Uhm. My tongue... my tongue it just won't. Won't do. Oooh. My brain is like treacle."

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