Friday, 2 September 2011

Reptile Rescuers for the RSPCA!

As it is one of my rare days off, I decided to go in to town to raise money for RSPCA. I took Sandy with me, as she is both an RSPCA rescue herself, and VERY tolerant indeed - probably good job, because she had enough fussings and pattings to last her the next two years! Mind, it was all worth it, we drew big crowds, gave out simply PAGES of stickers and had to get new collecting tub because the first one got too heavy and the string was digging into my arm.

Final total for us street collectors came in at £413.50! Woohoo!

Went in afternoon and got my Kyle tattoo done, like I promised her. Only the middle stung like a b*tch. Was really really good! Progress! Didn't even swear.

I wanted a simple lizard shape, no accuracy required, because it's the colour that's important. Is not pretty, perfect or tidy - but neither am I and neither was Kyle, so that's exactly what I wanted.

I still have to get the other three done: Tsam in charcoal grey/brown, Sandy as citrus orange and Hyphen in rusty red - but there's no rush. This one was the important one; well, Kyle left a mark on my heart, my mind and my soul (and occasionally the carpet, haha), so it seemed only reasonable to finish the collection!

Mind you, chest runs risk of looking like Escher painting once added all lizards...

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