Sunday, 18 September 2011

Persisting it down.

We're all having a quiet morning. The dragons are VERY grateful for their warm, dry tanks, as it's been raining bucketfuls for the last seven hours. Mocha is convinced it will flood and refuses to come down from her table.

Never mind, Sandy is snuggled up in bed with us, where it is going to be a wonderful Sunday - no chores (or at least, they're not getting done!), The Big Bang Theory on TV, followed by the Three Musketeers (never seen it) and then double Simpsons. Oh, and I've prepared warmed chocolate brownies to be served with Thorntons toffee Icecream for breakfast, chicken satay rice with chicken sweet and sour balls for lunch, and then chow mein with exotic mushrooms for tea. How wonderful!

Update: It is oddly quiet now there isn't the thunderous tumult of rain pounding on the roof.

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