Thursday, 8 September 2011

Meeting Mocha

Little dragon is very worried about the bath - it's big and wet and noisy - but he's looking much better after good scrub with my special formula dragon soap. The toothbrush (for scrubbing) was also quite scary, but very efficient at lifting off some more of that horrible gunk from between the scales and toes.

He smells much better now too; even after yesterday's bath in the drinking water marathon, he was still leaving muddy trails in the water as the months of dirt and mess rinsed off - I'm amazed, there's really rather pretty patterns under there, having turned up looking a funny yellow grey colour, there's all these lovely angular patterns and the stripes up his legs were a surprise!

We also clipped his nails, discovered he is a she and gave her a nice big dinner of superworms and endives. We were intending on calling him Alphonse, but not really suitable for a girl - but Mum saved the day with "Mocha".

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