Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lizard 'lert!

Ooh heck, there might be a lizard turning up - just got a text asking if I could take him on! I haven't a clue of anything about it other than they think it's male, he's a beardie, supposedly "citrus phase", but that's all I know... Oh, and pparently his name is Mr Munch, or Munchee. Might need to give him a first name.

Update: Arranged to collect, 30 mins to lizard o'clock... looks a bit bare, bit we will work on that later.

Later update: I'm not taking pictures this evening, because poor thing was filthy, scared and tired - it's about 9pm. I have to say though, the little guy is surprisingly cute, with a stumpy tail and dinged fingers. Desperately needs a good bath, but that can wait for tomorrow. It's all very scary right now.

Hah, scrap that, he just discovered the water bowl - I don't think he's ever seen water before - and he's spent a whole HOUR taking big drinks and giving himself a good scrub. I had to change the water twice because it was so filthy, it was the colour of strong tea each time I emptied it... still smells funny and is a bit mucky, but can have real bath tomorrow.

Apparently his old owner was told that his stumpy tail and dinged fingers was due to "temperature fluctuations" in the incubator. Uhhh, no. Poor little sod has been attacked by bigger lizard.

No worries, the big lizard here won't bite.

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