Friday, 9 September 2011

Little Miss? More like Little Madam!

Pose of the day win!

I found this big old stick in my "beardie spares" cupboard! It stands in a very stable fashion, ideal for young dragons to scamper up and down and, best of all, it was free! It was a leftover item amongst many that came with the TripleTank I bought some time back (and is still waiting for us to move house before setting up. It's big.) There are some other branches, but I don't know how this new tank will progress yet.

I also discovered that her bad temper isn't down to the fact that it's new and scary here, it's actually due to the complete lack of training - she's utterly antisocial and has been "husking" at me all morning. This is a low down, drawn out, hunkered beardie hiss that goes "huuuuuuscccckkkk", serving as a threat. We've also had some magnificent beards and plate walking too.

Beardie face of DOOM! "HUUUUUSK!"

But no fear - I am confident I can train her out of these bad habits. She is too used to getting her own way and people backing off when she tells them to. Thankfully she's not inclined to bite (or hasn't thought of it yet.)

Her happy colour is a deep, textured brown, a little paler than coffee cake and her "warm colour" reminds me of rain sprinkled ashes, or coal dust in wet sand - very similar in colour to Tsam, if a little more chocolatey.

Oh, and I forgot to say; the RSPCA people hadn't realised I'd had TWO collection jars. They later found the second one in the stickers/posters crate - bringing the total raised to over £450 that day! For the WIN!


Anonymous said...

Well done you for raising all that money. *big kisses for your efforts*
mumma x

(captcha of the day = copecrud)

Indigobluefish said...

*beams* I do my best!
Hah, copecrud. How appropriate.

FYI, if you didn't know - the reCaptcha system is actually helping translate old books, newspapers and letters into digital format. Anything the computers can't read gets collected and then put into the reCaptcha programme for humans worldwide to decode! How cool is that! :D

Anonymous said...

very cool.
it makes me wonder exactly what this captcha means.
mumma x