Sunday, 11 September 2011

Grr! Ooh, nice. AUGH! Oooooh pretty...

Oh for goodness sake! We walked an hour in to town to see Fright Night (with David Tennant, lovely!) - only to find it has been pulled so they can have six empty screens showing Jane fricking Eyre.

I suppose it could be worse, could be that silly horse faced woman in that yawny "look how hard my life is" crap. Oh... wait, that's also playing on multiple screens. I heard another disappointed would-have-been watcher comment that SJP "looks like she's trying so hard to act. All she is is clothes and makeup and not much else."

We gave up on that idea and headed home, stopping off at Shirabell's petstore on the way past - where we found this funky new table for Mocha. We also managed to find the perfect water bowl for Tsammy there too - it's identical to the one he's got, but twice the size.

I'm sure we'll give him an inferiority complex, because every time I upgrade something, he wakes up and thinks he's shrunk! Though he was very pleased when he found he could fit himself IN this bowl, rather than going in circles with his head underwater and his back legs and tail outside.

AUGH! Getting home wasn't much better. FB so crap that I actually lost my temper after my SEVENTH repost mysteriously vanished like its brothers. Oh, and then FB wouldn't let me post a status until I had accepted not one, not two, but three new pieces of s....ugar that I'm never going to use anyway. Ye gods and little fishes.

Whilst I'm Book-Ranting, the app fails to send me notifications. And fails to connect to FB when on the rare occasions it actually DOES remember that I might like notifying.

Long live GooglePlus, where there's no game nonsense posted all over my stream, where the pages actually work, where I can choose who reads what and what I read from whom, where the Google notifications work perfectly. Consistently. Immediately. And link through to a) Google and b) the relevant post. None of which FB does.

But on a bright note, Doctor Who was good this evening.

Ooh, speaking of which, I found a truly shocking rendition of the Doctor Who themetune. I mean it literally - it's a really good version with a lot of power. Sparks will fly!

Produced by ArcAttack's stage show team using two Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils as seperate synchronised instruments. The Tesla wave (continuous lightning bolt) it belts out creates a crisply distorted square wave sound - truly unnatural! DRSSTCs can be used for all kinds of fun, my favourite is a home-made rendition of the Super Mario Brothers theme tune.

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