Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gone to the Goosefest!

We attended the Goosefest!

One of His Lordship's EvE friends decided as it was his girlfriend's birthday and she'd just come back from abroad, he'd throw a huge party to celebrate - and invite as many people as he could think of to come stand in a field for the evening.

In the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully, another of HL's random EvE friends was going, and loves any excuse for a good hammer down some motorways, so was more than happy to drive all the way here to take us there (bless him)! Better yet, Mauler's parents kindly let us stay the night in one of their spare bedrooms as they're just down the road from Goose's farm, saving us having to sleep in a tent, in a field, in the rain.

They're lovely people and have, quite frankly, a gorgeous house. His mum recently re-did all the kitchen, picking seaside colours and matching the warm orange from a tropical clam shell. The "island" worksurface was seriously cool, with a kettle tap (ayuh, a tap that runs through a kettle mechanism) and a pop up chrome cylinder containing extra plug sockets. And a glass fronted wine fridge. And hidden cupboards. And underfloor lighting.

Anyway, I digress. The party was a lot of fun - a wide range of people came from all over to Goose's farm, even though it was pounding down with rain. He'd had the brilliant idea of telling everyone to bring their own stuff in return for setting up a marquee to keep the barbeque, us and the food dry, as well as a MASSIVE yurt - complete with a projector and eight foot cinema screen!

As it got dark, we managed to run some lights into the marquee (the Yurt was already rigged) but we couldn't get them out to the barbeque in the rain - so Goose's Girl came up with a wonderful idea, and lent His Lordship a headlight. The moon was shining so bright, it cast shadows - once the rain finally cleared.

Without being too bragworthy, we brought the most delicious stuffed mushrooms in foil; wedged full of onions, garlic, mozzarella, cheddar and Lurpak salted butter. Oh, and some tasty pork with caramelised red onion sausages and a few boxes of Koppaburg - but everyone overdid it - Mauler bought chinese pork ribs, huge boxes of chicken drumsticks and Crabbies ginger beer (which is delicious by the way, I hadn't tried it and now I know what I was missing out on!), whilst someone else brought a box of 100 Lincolnshire sausages. People brought burgers, buns, crisps, Goose's Girl made massive, tasty bowls of potato salad and coleslaw, mixing bowls full of the stuff.

The cinema screen was a marvellous idea, because when the kids weren't learning how to drive the Landrover round the field (private land, it's what farmer's kids do here.) they were tucked away watching Toy Story 1, 2 &3, followed by the same of Ice Age. We grownups watched Shaun of the Dead later on, being somewhat a favourite amongst the Zombie Slaying Gamers. So much so that the game "Killing Floor" has a Shaun of the Dead map, complete with the Winchester pub!

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