Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Needle News

I did good at my blood test!

I was assigned a very good phlebotomist, Amy, who kindly offered me a "butterfly needle". She was very good and, even as I watched her place it I couldn't actually feel it - impressive!

Admittedly, I'm slightly embarrassed to explain that the butterfly needle is one they use for children, being considerably smaller and finer - but in comparison with the "adults" version... well, it makes the adults one look like they're trying to ram a pencil in your arm. (And I'm glad she waited to show me that one until AFTER the procedure.)

Also, it turns out I have a minor and delayed vasovagal response to needles, as it only kicked in when we reached the third vial. It's quite common with venipuncture (taking blood from a vein) and I noticed that the bloodflow into the vial slowed down considerably on this last one. I didn't pass out, but my vision went fuzzy and my throat felt like it was closing up, which is pretty normal for me - but then I went half deaf, which was new.

His Lordship thinks I did very well and handled it, though I need to focus a bit more, as "you're up here." But he was there when I had my tattoo done, so clearly it's an improvement.

Oh, and it all came back normal. So we had a naff picnic in town.

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