Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fabulous Friends...

I completely forgot my friend's birthday. His somewhat belated present should be with him now (thank goodness for American Amazon!). I had this one in mind for ages, as sometimes his assistant doesn't see his messages. Thankfully he didn't mind my present being a bit late and thought it was hilarious. 80 11.9 x 11.9 inches of sticky yellow Post-it goodness. Click here for your own!

I had sent this picture to my friend a couple of days back, and was baffled when I received this response: "I don't get it but I'm still laughing."
Well, Xzibit, puts TVs on your TVs, so you can watch it whilst you watch it.

Apparently she got THAT bit: "I know how they go I just don't get the lego one D:"

My eyebrows hit the ceiling and I held back a laugh whilst I gently explained - if you put Lego on your Lego... Well. You end up with just Lego really. It's what you're supposed to do with Lego.

"Oh.. oh yeah. LOL!"

I nearly cried laughing so hard. HURDURRRR. In the immortal words of my card game at the time: Two Four Kings Ace! (How's that for coincidence!?)

It's also been a good week on Neopets - having been around for a few years, you can sense a "Plot" on the air before it arrives. That allowed me time to level up my best pet and grab a few handy weapons cheap before it all kicks off; as well as give a heads up to a few of my "colleagues".

The new plot involves a mysterious giant squid attacking and dragging down one of the islands. I'm hoping it will actually be a new part of a plot that started ... ooh, 8 years ago? Eh, we'll see I guess.

I can't stop long, I'm supposed to be writing a new article.

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