Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Busy week for dragons!

Sandy has discovered a particular preference for endives, and she discovered lots of beetroot is very tasty - and makes purple poop which scares your owner until they work out what's happened. She also discovered that being on a leash is kinda fun, and the garden is like the BIGGEST salad bowl ever, with added woodlice. AND she figured out how to use the dragon slope today from first principles.

Kyle is FINALLY getting over the invasion of the new dragon, and let Sandy share the heat lamp in her tank. She did give Hyphen a gentle clip round the ear for being too cocky though.

Tsammy can't get over the fact that there are now LOTS of dragons, and he's thoroughly confused as to whether he's supposed to be boss or not, so he now alternates between bobbing and waving. Or pulling a face: Forever Alone.

Hyphen thought the leash was downright terrifying and ended up halfway up the house wall before I realised - today the little dragon climbed all the way up the fence post. I'm sure Hyph's father was a gecko and not a leatherback...

I also ordered a SuperRain system for the gecko. Can't wait!

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