Friday, 1 July 2011

Broken PC Blues... Rebooted!

Woohoo, I didn't get fraped by the computer repair dude!

Yeah, sorry about the delay and the mass upload. I have a talent for knackering laptop cables, and the little blue Acer gave up the ghost. I thought I'd trashed the charging pin again, but it turns out it was actually the wire itself that gave out inside the casing of the plug.

This was a good thing though, as it's MUCH cheaper to repair than trying to fuse the pin. So yeah, the nice bloke at All Spares picked it up from Maplins (thanks lads!) and fixed it all for me.

Whilst waiting for it to come home, I redesigned Sandy's tank. Baffled by the re-do, she had a nibble on a plastic leaf. It wasn't so great it seems, so she was delighted when I served up some tasty real greens. We're going for a jungle theme, if you hadn't guessed. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...suggestions for a jungle theme...
a tree house,
a banana hammock,
or a monkey butler!
(that'll make your siblings smile)
mumma xxx

Indigobluefish said...

*laughing* Nice to see you're on form.
Not quite enough room for a tree house (though she does have two different wooden tunnels - she likes sitting on the cork one at the right.
Not sure a banana hammock is ideal for lizards - though an actual hammock might be pretty cool.