Saturday, 9 July 2011

Attack Dragons Formation Alpha!

The dragons are much better now, having had their full courses of wormer, and being restored with a luxury vitamin and Avipro paste. So much so, they have got back to trying to decide the new pecking order (much to Tsam's confusion).

Kyle, who appears pale grey in the video but is actually the colour of chamois leather, is older, wiser and heavier, but Ampersand is younger, faster, and most importantly - longer. Sandy is, appropriately, a wet sand brown with splashes of olive and bright orange spatters in her beard.

They've had a few clashes, usually involving this tail biting, posturing, wagging, bobbing and dashing around. Sandy is particularly fun to watch, because she flares flat, twists her body AND runs, creating the visual of a dropped saucer rolling along the floor. Kyle usually wusses out first, and they spend a companionable hour or two bathing on the windowsill together.

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