Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Seeya Boys!

Goodness, sorry for the delay - here's a speed download.

The new dragon is starting to settle in, having insisted on running out of her tank every five minutes and trying to sleep in the most awkward contortions around a chair leg. She's finally got the idea that the corkbark leant against the wall in her tank might be a good place to sleep.

Since then, I've bagged Erwin and Neville ready to go to their new home - a lovely chap with LOTS of fish already has a nice colony of weather loaches they can join and, as social fish, they will be much happier with a gang of their own kind to squirrel with. They're such sweet fish, they happily nibbled my fingers as I put them in their bag with the airstone for overnight. I know they'll be happy, though I will miss them.

I'm also covered in black speckles, kickback from spraypainting. I've been working on a new Random Competition on Neopets - this time I'm carving leftover foam and painting it the right shades to make a Yooyuball mitt. I'll take pictures later so you understand, but it's quite fiddly. Lagging foam for pipes does NOT like to bend. Worse, my black spraypaint ran out of accellerant with over half a can of paint left. Pff, that's what happens when you use ancient cans I guess...

Oh, and His Lordship has "painful hair". It's all gone anime spiky and is irritating his scalp, so he's wearing a beanie hat. "I think it's because it's going it's normal hair grain, and settling wrong in the follicles. It always does that, and makes my head go tense. Hair hurtiness." He describes it as pokey and has now combed it back hard with some water to try to control it. He looks like a slicked back 80's dealer, like something out of Trainspotting but nicer.

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