Sunday, 19 June 2011

Savin' Sparrows.

Poor wee sparrow - she's just a tiny little fledgeling and she fell off our roof today. She was badly dazed and on her back when we found her, so I fed her, made sure she was alright and popped her back out for parent sparrows. She's hiding in the raspberries at the moment and I'll look for her this evening just in case parents haven't found her. (I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to scare her too much.)

To feed her, I ground up some bird seed in a clean pepper mill, added some vitamin powder for animals and some crushed oystershell grit; little bird really enjoyed that mixed with a bit of water and had a good crop full before I put her back outside.

Don't worry, a bird's sense of smell is actually quite poor, so my scent won't keep the parents away - she's in hearing distance of the nest, so I'm confident she'll be safe. If I have to care for her (if her parents don't find her) I will add caterpillars, waxworms and other proteins to her seed meal - but I hope they do find her. She has greater chances of long term survival if they do.

Update: It's three hours later: I can see her parents hopping up and down the white rose, so I think they've found her under the mock blackcurrant. Noisy little terrors!

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