Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More Munchies...

Everyone likes chocolate. Tsam likes his in bourbon biscuit form, Hyphen likes hers as soggy chunks out of my squareal, and His Lordship likes his in confectionary form. Therefore it is my delight to bring another collection of chocolate testing to you.

First up, the "Forest Fruit Cup".
Recognisable features: White with chunky black crumbly bits on top.
Initial thoughts: More boring cocoa smell.
There's a nice chunky choc texture from the scattered bits, but it smells of nothing really. Even His Lordship agreed. It has a very smooth chocolate filling, flavourwise it has lots of chocolate early on with red fruity low notes and a too-subtle after taste. Sadly, it's been overwhelmed by the chocolate flavour and I expected more fruit UMPH.

Secondly: a strawberry... thing? Pass.
Recognisable features: Double shell, poured coat over a moulded coat, both white, finished with pink stripes.
Initial thoughts: Good texture and bite on the shell, but they tend to "peel" from each other.
There's a subtle taste of strawberry in the shell, possibly from traces of the filling clinging to it, but it might be the stripe - should have thought to check. There's been a nice attempt to keep filling as pale as possible, and it's very thick. Oh no! There's that funny alcohol flavour again! Yuck, I don't know why they've done that. The strawberry flavour is a bit artificial; not offensively so, but would have liked more real flavour than alcohol - for example, freezedried bits of fruit in there would have added flashes of fresh strawberry flavour. (And yes, what IS with the alcohol crap again?! Bleuh.)

The third one, I think, is a Peach Melba.
Recognisable features: Looks a lot like an orange bonbon.
Initial thoughts: Smells faintly peachy.
It has a powdered sugar coating - and, hold on... a ... buttercream filling?! That's WEIRD. It's more apricotty than peach and His Lordship is not enjoying at all. I could see this one getting sickly in an oddly bland, buttercream sort of way because it makes my tongue clicky and feels creamy-greasy. His Lordship had to have a swig of coffee to rid the texture and flavour - needless to say, we're less than impressed with this batch so far...

I'm told this chocolate is a "Buck's Fizz".
Recognisable features: Similar to previous, yellowy orange colour bonbon from external appearances. Already worried in case it's that buttercream.
Initial thoughts: Smells of nothing but sweet. Leaves a trail of pale orange powder down the arm of my comfy chair if I accidentally drop it!
Gritty, granular sugar coating; scratchy in a nice way. Ooh, it's not sugar - it's a sherberty finish on the chocolate coating! Thank goodness, it's not buttercreamy either, though there's not enough flavour to centre. It has lots of potential, but not trying hard enough; I like the use of champagney alcohol (they've not done that weird ethanol burn) because it's soft and smooth, but it needed LOTS more orange flavour. The shell is awesome, however the centre lets it down. I'd have it again, but it definitely needs more orangeyness. Bring on the JAFFACAKES!

Last one: Um, forgotten what this is. Sorry.
Recognisable features: Darker milk chocolate globe with oranges stripe.
Initial thoughts: Can't smell anything - wait, there's an odd faint underscent ... it's not cocoa-y, but I'm not sure WHAT it is.
The shell is very hard, very dark and very sweet, too hard in fact, difficult to get through. Once you're in, it's not so bad but it's very tough. Mmm, tasty! There's a thick, creamy truffle centre in here, slightly gritty where it's contacted it's shell but it has lots of flavour. I think it might be orange though I'm not sure. It tastes hot, which is different. Doesn't last long enough and the flavour settles into slightly too sweet black chocolate very quickly. Shame.

Conclusion: Meh.

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