Thursday, 26 May 2011

Takin' the Fun out of "Funeral".

I hate the way the whole thing has reduced everyone to sounding petty and materialistic. (Random photo of street lamp.)

His Lordship Senior turns out to have been a very wealthy man - literally; he was a millionaire it turned out. But he's left everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to a charitable trust he's set up (a trust for steam trains. If you're a certified heritage directly associated with steam trains in the UK, let me know - I'll send you details to apply for funding I guess).

All of the fundings from the all of houses being rented out, the factories they owned etc is all going into the trust - it'll be earning THOUSANDS every month, and not a penny is going to his children.

As far as I'm concerned his money is his, but it's a shame he didn't feel that it would have been nice to give them even a little something, a token if you will.

It's His Lordship's sister that I feel most for - she loved her dad to bits, is stuck overseas, and hasn't got anything either. I mean, all three kids are gutted, because even the PICTURES on the wall in the house are going to be listed and put to the charity - it's so sad. We stole His Lordship's Sister's birthday plate to post back to her overseas and stole some of the pictures too, hoping we don't get caught and in trouble for it - but what does the trust think it's going to get for a picture of Him and his Grandad sat on a rock? That's memories they're losing right there.

We're lucky that His Mother realised what was going to happen literally a couple of days before she died, bless her sweet and kind heart - we THINK she's managed to save our property and His Brother's house, and we think she's even managed to squirrel some away for her daughter in her will, but we have to wait and see what happens as it's all up in the air and we're not sure what's actually going to come out of it.

Even days when it isn't raining you can get rainbows. Not quite sure what the message is there, make of it as you will. (This was taken last summer on a perfectly clear day. It's above our house.)

Watch this space I guess.

This would make a great soap opera.
Not so fun to watch in real life though.


Anonymous said...

maybe get your facts right before you spout your shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indigobluefish said...

I'm pretty sure I know who this is; I'm impressed you've got an interest in my blog (as it's not exactly widely advertised), and thank you for taking the time to respond - I would be delighted to discuss this at length to correct any inaccuracies if you'd like to contact me, you have my details. After all, you're our only source of actual facts (if it is who I think).