Sunday, 22 May 2011

Stopping for a Sip?

We did get to the cinema in the end, as apparently the world didn't end. After, we got stopped by a chap from the papers to take our picture and get a review "snippet" from us. We gave him some cracking quotes, including: "Even blokes are allowed to fancy him. Johnny Depp is just THAT good."

We went to Frankie and Benny's for drinks:
His Lordship: "Uh... is that...?"
Me: "Yup."
HL: "I thought so."
I turned to the barman.
Me: "Did you run out of oranges?"
Barman: *blushes* "Uh, yeah. "
We both looked at it.
Him: "Sorry about the banana..."

Admittedly, it was a great solution to the problem and certainly not a fruitless effort.

Doesn't go particularly well with tequila though.

I did introduce His Lordship to the delights of a dry Martini done long with a twist of lemon peel. He's delighted to discover that Martini isn't a "girly drink", the fact that it tastes nice is just a bonus.

I had a good chuckle when I spotted this sign:
My friend Daniel Wolfe is as ginger as a carrot and he does like his Jack Daniels, so this totally has to be the drink for him.

Well, after an incident a couple of weeks back where a bloke across the road was chased around by his missus with a knife, it wasn't really a surprise to see four cop cars and an ambulance this week. I was just going into the kitchen when I spotted blue flashing lights as a police car swung up. Bunch more screeched in behind, followed by an ambulance.

I guess she finally caught up with him, as they found the dude in the alleyway, struggling to stand. The paramedics had to lay him on his front on the stretcher. Looks like he got stabbed in the back or something. It's all crimescene tape and a proper CSI van today. Quel excitemente.

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