Saturday, 28 May 2011


I finally managed to buy something in the Almost Abandoned Attic!

This is uberwin, because stuff in the 'Attic flies out in milliseconds, even though only gamers with over 3 years experience can buy. Personally, I think they need to do a 10 year veteran's shop too as there are a surprising number of us.

Metawinnage goes to the fact that it's a rainbow item (for my large gallery of rainbow items), and it's a notepad - I like writing articles for The Neopian Times.

Talking of which, I'm back in the Times with a seriously lengthy (for me) article; 101 Negg Recipes. I've taken a delight in hiding "Easter Neggs" for those in the know: practical tips and hints for real life and even cheat codes for games in there.

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