Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rainbows Forever!

Spent the day footling round on Neopets. Did a new look up profile for my lovely lovely Krawk Meglos: HERE and I bagged me a Maraquan Paint Brush for 5,076,000 NeoPoints. That's a significant saving because when I was looking for one a few weeks back, they were priced at about 9 million. It's still a bargain because the cheapest on trading currently is still 6 million.

I've squirrelled it away in my Safety Deposit Box for now, just hoping I can land me a Draik Potion of some kind, though I only have 10 million left now and they're about 18. But miracles do happen...

Some of the afternoon was spent making a Seaweed Wig for the Random Competition. I've been on Neopets 10 years and never managed to find time to do a Random Contest entry.

This entry is all recycled too - there's crisp packets, crepe paper that was waiting for the composter, bubble wrap, cling film, tin can labels, carrier bags, old vivarium plants, scraps of ribbon, sandwich bag ties, pipe cleaners, jingly bells... Even an old sock that was unravelling!

And lastly, I discovered today that I don't like gherkins after all. Normally I like pickles, but these are crunchy AND slimy. That's just wrong. Also, they're not the right kind of sour -they're sort of a chilled sour flavour. No, I do not like gherkins.

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