Saturday, 7 May 2011

Decorating for Dragons.

I'm being a lizard bore again, and I apologise in advance - but I gave Tsam's house a restyle.

After years of abuse, being scratched, jumped up and attempts to dig it to move it out of the way to be more comfortable, Tsam's back wall was scraped and battered, with paint falling off and the brown underlay showing through the scars.

So I did the Blue Peter thing and grabbed the sticky-back plastic in a very Tsammy style. I found a wonderful little "Dragon Island" map from retro Action Man collections on eBay, and a nice lady sent us a small swatch of camouflage material - which Tsam has wound up dragging into his house and sleeping on. You gotta admit, it looks a whole lot better now, with Tsam Wilhelm EatdaLeaf supervising the work. (And yes, that is his full name. He's a German Giant who LOVES basil leaves.)

I managed to catch a whacking great bluebottle inside a cheesy pasta in a mug packet... I took it upstairs with me, and carefully shook it out into Tsam's tank. He was bemused and watched it fly around, but only until it got close enough so that he didn't need to move from his seat. He stretched his neck and snapped it out of mid-air. He chewed it slowly, clearly appreciating the snack - then he looked at me, looked at the packet and I swear I could hear him thinking "Hmm! I didn't know they did flies in packets. Foil packing REALLY keeps the flavour in! Got any more?" Apparently the added cheese flavouring was tasty.

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