Friday, 27 May 2011

Dammit, they misquoted me!

We got in the paper for quoting on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Not only did they misspell my name (as per usual), but they didn't use either of our actual quotes.

I'm quoted as saying "I've seen all the others so far, and even though this is the fourth film it's still going quite strongly. I think Johnny Depp is key to the success of the franchise." I ACTUALLY said "Johnny Depp is one of those wonderful stars where it's OK to fancy him, even if you're a bloke." and His Lordship agreed.

They've got Him down as saying "This set of films have kept their appeal really well, I was disappointed with the Matrix sequels, but I feel the opposite about Pirates. It is action-packed and fun." Nearly, but not quite. He said: "It's impressive that they're managing to keep the quality up; in comparison, the later Matrix movies sucked."

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