Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beardie Bites

I was trying not to get bitten by the new lizard today as she's discovered a love of pink "Beardie Bites" by Nature Zone. It's so cute watching her trying to grab the squidgy cube - but she hasn't yet learned the art of the perfect hit and has a tendency to miss and get my thumb instead! We also tried the other box of food cubes today; the green ones that I normally give to the bugs. Tsam willingly tried a couple - the first one vanished, but the second one was much slower as he carefully considered the feel of it on his tongue. No. He doesn't like those either, so I gave him real challenge.

You probably know, but Tsam has a major, major thing for blueberries - he's completely mental about the squidgy blue fruit. Tesco's had some "Finest" blewbs in and, I have to admit, they're pretty fine. These suckers are GINORMOUS, much to Tsam's delight. Bless him, he almost choked himself on the first one until he figured out he actually had to CHEW these ones. You've never seen a happier dragon, with his mouth rammed full of humongous fruit...

Kyle is sulking with me, because she got confused - when I was introducing little dragon properly to her out of the tank, she wasn't sure what it was. Carefully she leaned over and gave Hyphen a lick, then sat there glick glick glicking, considering the new information. She shook her head "nope, I don't know WHAT to make of that." and leaned in slowly for a proper taste - she accidentally thought little dragon in my hand might be a new food I was offering!

Thankfully she's since got over her gruffle and has accepted the weird stripy thing that MIGHT have been a new type of worm definitely ISN'T a new type of worm - so she couldn't give a figgy about it now - though Hyphen hasn't forgiven HER!

Note of the Day: The dragons are right. Those green cubes are HORRIBLE. They're like sour scented, gone off mushy soap.

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