Monday, 4 April 2011


Teeny wee dragon is growing fast, over 7" and 26.1g today. Hyphen's "certified" female but I'm not convinced, as it looks like s/he has hemipene bulges under hir tail. I'm a bit miffed if so, as I particularly wanted a female so Tsam wouldn't go mental - he doesn't even like his own reflection...

They all have a kickass salad to go with their crickets for dinner: mint, kale, basil, grape, cucumber, raspberry and blueberry. Nommmmm! It's actually pretty tasty with a peppery kick. And fresh, cool water to wash it down with. Hyphen likes water it seems.

I did just hear about a less savoury "meal" though: a friend of mine, who shall remain un-named (for now!), thought it would be funny to eat a cockroach when dared to by a mate. Now, that's bad enough... but the cockroach was found in his mate's bathroom.

And his mate doesn't keep reptiles.

Cockroach from a mucky bathroom. Euuuuuuuw.

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