Monday, 18 April 2011

Hey Big Spender...

I spent quite a lot this weekend...

I bought an XBox 360 console with 120gb of memory, 18 games, AND a whole rock band control kit yesterday for £160. (with £20 postage). It was either cash, or my bike - as it says on his eBay listing: "WOULD SWAP FOR A WORKING 50CC OR A 125CC SCOOTER". Cash was cheaper, and very good value at that.

We also spent £1250 on a new bed and mattress - which is just AWESOME. No really. We're getting a beautiful so-dark-brown-it's-nearly-black leather sleigh bed - it is lushness in a squish of lush. I mean, just LOOK at it. Also, asking for a discount didn't hurt - £90 off.

The ENTIRE mattress is made from high quality memory foam: the full 26cm, five star plus rating, with not a single spring in sight. I was pretty impressed when we tried it out in store - the mattress is so comfy, so much so in fact that it's rendered himself inarticulate but for single words. Some of which I'm not convinced exist: "Splootchy." Plus it's Kingsize - which means even at my height my feet stay on the bed, not over the end! I also negotiated £120 off that too, which was nice.

It was that or a holiday, and with His Lordship's father being ill, it was the more sensible option. Can always save up again for a holiday at another time. After all, now I can have a holiday every night!

Thought for the Day: "Why is there only one monopolies commission?" - Whitmore.

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