Thursday, 21 April 2011

Chucky, the Dinky Wingnut.

Chucky is a dink. Well, actually, no, he's a yellow bearded dragon. But anyway, Chucky's owner and I have been tinternet friends for some time via a mutual appreciation of our reptilian masters and, like the good slaves we are, have been sending the dragon overlords gifts through the post.

As you know, all my dragons have their own, hand-sewn towels (Kyle's is fuchsia pink, Tsam's is turquoise blue and Hyphen's is hot orange). Mr Whitmore hadn't encountered the pleasure of the "Beardie Burrito" before, where you have a very happy dragon wrapped up in a fluffy towel shortly after a hot bath - so I was more than happy to provide the Chuckster with his very own, bright yellow towel, as Mr Whitmore kindly sent us a plushie dragon from Canada.

Whilst the wingnut was puzzled by the whole thing, Mr Whitmore wrapped him up snuggly and they both discovered that the burrito was a fine thing indeed.

Chucky also has a fine hat - a pirate hat. But come Christmas last year, the poor boyo had to wear it again for the festive parties. So, when His Lordship found this picture of Chucky looking Cheesed, I had a word with my Mum to see if she had any of her felt "baubles" left over...

Come Christmas-time this year, I think he may be star of the show; he's busy sooty-facing at his reflection in the glass.

"Look how fiiiiiiine I am with my new Santa hat!"

(Bagsie-us beardie godmum!)

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