Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buildin' the Bed!

Bank Holiday Friday was spent building our new bed. Sorry William and Catherine - I'm sure the ceremony was wonderful, but getting the leather frame together took a while (but was well rewarding - it smells FABULOUS.)

It's SO big I can't take a decent picture of it; I had to put the phone flat against the wall to get most of it in focus! So big in fact that it even baffled the usually unobservant Tsam. He spent a good ten minutes just sitting at the foot end, looking up at the rolled curlicue top, with his head all wonky and dinked. Hyphen nearly threw herself off the side by accident - long bed, long run - forgot to slow down before she shot over the edge!

I gotta say though, it's worth every single penny. I woke up this morning and not a single joint popped, clunked or did anything. I slept like a log! Though I have to laugh, rolling over in it is a bit of a job - because as it moulds to your shape, you have to pull yourself out of the trench and balance on the edge of it until it conforms to your new shape.

Understatement of the Day: "It is a good bed." - HL.

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