Thursday, 7 April 2011

An Alarming Situation!

In one of my branches, we have a faulty alarm system. It has a habit of setting off a local area alarm at random for no reason, ringing a little buzzer in the back room that we have to keep resetting. Today however, the alarm threw a full on silent wobbly, sent straight through to the security centre.

We didn't have a clue until 4 police cars AND an ITV van pulled up outside the front door...

At first, we thought a colleague's hubby was having a laugh with us, as he often drops in with copper mates, but no - it turns out it was a full alarm call and they'd all driven 20 miles in a hurry to make sure we were alright and there wasn't a full raid in process! At least we know we're well looked after, and we finally got a repair man to mend it properly at long last...

Random Photo: "Moon Hill" - taken by a staff member in Phnom Pen if I remember right.

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