Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thumbs Up!

I had a really good day today - on top form! I did three loads of washing, two of drying, uniforms nearly ready, and painted the rest of the bathroom. We sorted three big bags of rubbish and chucked them out from the junk room, including one BIG box of burnables... so why the house still looks a mess, I'm not sure!

I bathed and fed the dragons, got one article submitted, worked on another and got a new one under construction.

Shortly after, I even did my nails - a meringue gold base, with gold glitter hearts and black liner to really make them stand out. I give a "lovely" thumbs up! Well, I have to get some use out of the extensive collection of colours in the drawer - and the meringue gold goes perfectly with the Barry M 27 Iridescent Gold eyeshadow I accidentally bought last week. That Superdrug opposite the far-away branch is just too tempting...

Oh yes - and watch out Lincolnshire: I'm coming to visit next weekend!

Random Word of the Day: "Lentibulariaceae" - 10 points if you can pronounce it. It's the name for a family of carnivorous plants, specifically Butterworts, Bladderworts and Corkscrews.

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