Friday, 25 March 2011

Seeya Snekkit!

We're taking Eden up to Lincolnshire this week, as my friend Wills would like a snake very much. His wifey has been interested in cornsnakes for some time, but wasn't sure where to start.

Wills was delighted to discover Snekkit and thinks she is the most beautiful and extraordinary reptile - he's absolutely delighted and offered to set a new tank up there and then! Do you know, he's even got food in all ready for her!

She's going to be spoilt rotten: I'm very happy because I know she'll get more handling than I'm able to give her, and she'll be very pleased at getting a larger home and new people to abuse. She's a people-snake you see, and enjoys making people stand at ridiculous poses to accommodate her every whim. Or stealing their boots.

But don't worry - she gets to take her favourite bed tube with her. It reminds her of my Mumma's boots and you can't get her out of it for love nor dinner if she doesn't want to come out. We also gave her extra dinner this week, so she's very happy indeed.

I know Wills will send us pics, movies, texts, emails and all manner of snake related updates and questions; he already does with his cute little dragon Jim and Jim wasn't even mine! Hehehe.

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