Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sayonara Snekkit

Getting snake up this morning was an interesting challenge. Instead of sleeping in her tube like she usually does, she decided to sleep BEHIND it - and she was NOT happy when I woke her up at 6am. I gently nudged her with the end of her tube, which prompted her to lash out, spitting and swearing, smacking into the tube and telling it to back off.

It took nearly 20 minutes for her to miss a hit and throw herself into the tube by mistake. I quickly flipped it up, tipping the angry snake through the tube and straight into a pillowcase at the bottom. Thankfully she calmed down once she was in there and slept for the entire journey.

When we got up North, WG was delighted to see her - she's settling nicely into a temporary tank and gone blue-eyed again as she begins to shed. I'm very glad she's got a great new home - we will miss her.

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