Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mmmmm TASTY!

Terry Tackety-Toes loves his dinner so much - especially on the rare occasion I find a freshly shedded morio worm. Juicy and soft, Terry shakes them like a terrier with a rat, then slurps them down; it makes for a very happy gecko. I had to laugh that he was looking for more worms, looked at me and then pitifully licked his plate. "It tastes like there might be more worms here..."

Oh HAHAHAHAH! I just saw the best thing ever: a badly confused snake trying to work out what to do about the blueberry she viciously attacked! She went "POW!... WUT?!" and freaked out with the blueberry in her mouth, looking all around to work out what happened. The best bit was when she sort of shrugged and ate it anyway.

It's funny enough she goes psycho and tries to attack things through the glass when she smells dinner in her tank but I wish I had that moment on video...

Though I did discover I don't much like Acai Berries. More like Icky Berries.


Kevin Mendez said...

Wanted to say greetings and I love your Beardies vids / posts!
I've been wondering about getting a Bearded Dragon, a Crested Gecko, or a Leopard Gecko, and wanted to get your recommendation. Whats best for a first time lizard keeper? I have a ball python, but Ive never kept a gecko or anykind of lizard. Thanks man! I really wanted a good opinion and I read your blog and thought 'this guys good!'
Best Wishes.

Indigobluefish said...

Hey, only just got this :D
Best way to choose is to work out what you want from your pet.

Beardies are easy to keep, friendly and pretty sociable with humans - but don't mix them with others. Mine live separately. Great during daytimes and early evening (mine take themselves to bed about 9pm)

Cresties are nighttime beasties, a bit more picky about food and VERYVERY fast. Multiple times I have had to fish Terry out from behind the radiator, and that's AFTER he's been hand-tamed. Terry gets up about 7.30 in an evening, so long as we turn his light and the light next to him off. He'll then be up until about 5.30.

Don't know a lot about Leopards, sorry.

Be warned: Bearded dragons are addictive - I'd have dozens of them by now if I were allowed.

With ANY reptile, make sure you do LOTS of research first - beardies and cresties require literal opposite environments. Beardie likes hot with UV (Reptiglo 10.0 best), but crestie likes cool and damp.

Any questions, prod me (as I'm aware I didn't give a lot of info) - I'm more than happy to oblige :D

Kevin Mendez said...

Yeah, I've been looking around the internet for info on bearded dragons and cresties, and I think a bearded dragon would be best. I would really be afraid to get something as delicate as a crested gecko because Im impatient and clumsy ...haha.
I recently went to a local reptile expo and fell in love with a female italian leatherback :D The next expo is coming up and I'll try to come across some bargain tanks and such. Thanks for your info, helped alot.
Best Wishes!

Indigobluefish said...

*jealous* I'd love a leatherback. Tsam is about as opposite a leather as you can get - he has HUGE spikes.

Try to buy from a good breeder rather than a store, and make sure you see them eat first. :)