Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hot Stuff!

Comin' through!

Ya might have noticed I've updated the ol' Blog a bit. I spent about four hours tweaking and battering my Neopets profile after TNT changed the layouts and completely destroyed my old one - and I liked the colourscheme so much I brought it over here.

Thanks to His Lordship for doing my funky wallpaper! Mind you, He's not only hot on the graphics deeley... He managed to get raw chilli oil in his ear whilst cooking - says it's taken nearly an hour to stop burning.

Talking of burning, I ordered some new Dragon Bulbs last week, as they need replacing every year. They arrived yesterday, just in time for Tsam's bulb to fizz, pop and burn out. Kyle's wasn't far behind (developing black spots on the arcpoints of the bulb), so it seems I timed that nicely! Admittedly, the bulbs were a couple of days late and Danny's Beardie Burrito hasn't got to him yet - it's got stuck in the post.

Found some rocking pink boots in the RSPCA shop too, Hot Pink. I was walking past the store and looked at them, thinking "They look big...". Walked past at lunch and thought "They DO look big...", so I stuck my nose in to find out. Lo and behold, the beauteous shoes were indeed big - my very own size 8!

Couldn't believe my luck, and purchased them sharpish. Matched up with my favourite hot pink T and a lace shirt, plus Barry M's new season 23 and 930 Hot Pink kohl and glimmer dust, and we're well away. Tsammy likes the lace shirt - it's grippy.

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