Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baby Beardie!

Travelling home was fairly uneventful, considering the usual way our train journeys go. This time we only had two out of the three engines break down and fail, requiring a change of carriages and an hour's delay. Thankfully Ema was delayed too, so it was only the taxi man that was a little bit narked.

By the time we got home, Kyle was in a terrible grump, but she soon forgave me when she discovered I'd brought a box of locusts. I then hauled all the bags upstairs and grabbed the dustpan from the cupboard to empty snake's old tank...

But before I knew it, the doorbell rang and my new baby dragon had arrived!

Oh, she's so cute and wee!

Such a cute little leatherback; she's so light and her tiny legs so strong she can literally fly... I popped her safely in the dragon basket with her new orange towel whilst I got cracking on the old snake tank.

Whilst clearing out the old bentonite flooring, I discovered the ceramic bulb had blown. Luckily I had an old 60w standard light that would do in there as a temporary measure. The government don't understand just how difficult they've made life for reptile keepers by blanket banning standards for energy savers... Never mind, that just means I have to pay out a tenner a time for new bulbs instead of 60p.

I would like to say thanks to Nana Cats for doing such a nice job on my broken necklace - go steady, m'kay?

"You look like a blueberry!" - "Kaiser Wilhelm's Mental Bitches.

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