Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aww, Gecko...

Little sod. Terry started banging on the glass again - he's being a little ratbag. I scratched his head, sprayed in some water and fitted his door wedge, so he packed in. You wouldn't believe just how loud he can slam into the wobbly door... Doncha just love geckos.

Actually, Terry is feeling sorry for himself. He's been a bit sick this morning: I think he's eaten something he shouldn't. I've given him plenty of water and he's in "bed", licking his nose miserably. Repashy food with Reptaid and calcium tonight. He doesn't much like it, but he'll lick it off. Will do him good.

Gecko feeling much better now. He's just eaten two mils of special blend gecko food. Extra vitamins and calcium boosted out with a drop of reptaid and extra banana nectar for super-tasty goodness. Blickyblicky goes the long rosepetal tongue..

Thought for the Day: My nonstick pan doesn't.

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