Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sometimes Work Really Stinks. No, Really...

Eeeh, sorry about the sudden update burst. It's been a tough couple of weeks. They've slashed the hours at my little village branch and I couldn't afford to take the reduced shift so, sadly, I had to hand over my lovely little bank to others and wish my customers the best. In the meantime, it's been "entertaining" trying to keep up with where I am next.

Monday I was in the central branch, Tuesday I was out at a different town, Wednesday brought an hour's drive from home and I'll be here until Monday. Then it's back out to the far-away one on Wednesday and then your guess is as good as mine. I'm also getting Saturdays handed to me at random, even though I'm covering other branches.

I wouldn't mind normally, but I spent a good few hours shouting at people over the phone, because the branch I'm posted at has an... interesting problem.

It smells.

Really, really badly. A few doors down under a different property is a broken sewer line, causing a pool of effluent under their building - and it's letting horrible smells seep through into ours. Since the shoutings, we've had two different environmental health officials turn up with meters and measurers, and we might even have got a response out of the other property's landlord - after 14 months of this stench (so I'm told). I don't know how the ladies have coped with it so long. I mean, even with my dodgy sense of smell I find it utterly revolting. Descriptively, it's a lot like that sprout in its first year (long story). Or one of my brother's boxed farts, come to think of it.

Though sometimes my aforementioned iffy sense of smell translates it as peaches, which is just plain confusing.

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