Saturday, 5 February 2011

My house is full of nerds.

My god. I've raised a nerdy, nerdy dragon; I caught him happily watching StarWars4. Mind you, it could be worse - it could have been one with JarJar the Dink. Sorry, Binks.

I blame His Lordship, as he always let Tsammy sit on his laptop whilst playing computer games. Tsam loves anything with explosions and spaceships nowdays. But then again, where a laptop is involved, that lizard ain't fussy - though he does find my Acer AspireOne a bit of a challenge as he's significantly longer than the keyboard.

Actually, he's had a great time of sitting on His Lordship's keyboard lately (the huge laptop gets very warm and the fans buzz - dragon heaven) because His Lordship has been spending hours working on texture packs for a game he's discovered - Manic Digger.

This is a simple sandboxy game involving digging stuff, and building stuff - and it's becoming really rather popular in Russia and Germany due to its Open Source nature and freedom to do anything. His Lordship's publicity efforts really took off and now Gronkh (a famous German games reviewer) is occasionally found pottering round on the game servers - also all owned by people at home!

Himself, exe (the creator) and TacoBuilder have really put some work in - not only on new texture packages, player skins and coding, but on startlingly good models too!

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