Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stuuuuuupid SNAKE!

I have a remarkably stupid snake. Bless her scaly little heart, she does make me laugh. When she's not rearranging her tank (and then putting it back the way it was again), she tends to do some very silly things.

Today's was a real classic. She'd shed her skin, had a nap and forgotten about it. Later, having woken up and patrolling her tank, she discovered something hollow and snake-sized. Yes, she tried to climb back into her old skin. And got properly wedged. Considering shedding isn't exactly unusual for her species, why she felt she had to get back in is beyond me; I had to go rescue her.

I just discovered that "Tard" is a town in Hungary. LINK.

Although I did used to keep a very unusual snake once. She used to would raise up and sway from left to right, right to left and so on. She was a windscreen viper.

Here's a cool page on how snakes eat with great x-ray pictures, courtesy of my mother: LINK

QOTD: Danny: Mine has done exactly the same "Ooh look, that's just the right size for me to get into ... oh crap ... little help??" thing. - So it's not just Eden then.

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