Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Manky Mince and Pet Pete

Yuck. I made the mistake of being lazy and picking up a box of Co-op minced beef for Himself to cook the Chili he's been on about for the last couple of days. It was a sensible price (not cheap, but not hugely overpriced0, but it was horrible... We found bits of bone and grit and gristle. Deeply unimpressed.

But the Jaffa Cakes I picked up at the same time, ridiculously reduced in price yet still very tasty, more than made up for it. Mmmmm, 4 orange-y goodnesses...

PETE THE DRAGON - Green and furry and soft. He's the plushie dragon, not an actual lizard. We called him Pete because he looks a bit like Elliott (from Pete's Dragon) with that smile...

He arrived today, from Danny and LouLou; an intrepid traveller all the way from Canada! Tsammy threw a whole number of wobblies at the intruder, especially when he found Pete peeking out of Tsam's favourite tunnel for dozing in!

Tsam and his "scary dragon" pipecleaners won us the best picture of the day on the FaceBook competition amongst the gang though. But then maybe they were too scared to stand up to him!

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