Monday, 28 June 2010

Data Protection - Are YOU Protecting YOURSELF?

It amazes me the amount of information people give away without even realising it. I quickly and simply worked out which town this person lived in, their school, that they'd recently moved to America and their ethnic background from one image of a rescued rat without having even spoken to them. It was childplay simple too - there was a letter upside down with a zipcode, a school timetable folded up and they were stacked on a foreign notebook with a scribbled reminder to apply for something on social security and another letter allowing them an interpreter if required. I'm a regular Sherlock, me - but this was just too easy. The "Victim" learned a valuable lesson though.

I know I allow a LOT of info out about myself, even if it doesn't look like it to you, dearest reader - but I'm always careful to make sure it's stuff I'm OK with other people knowing. Things like the rumour of the "Facehunt" stalker app unsettles me - the ability to snap a picture of someone on the street which the app then runs through a database to find out as much as it can about that person if it matches the image on a social network, a website, anything they've put online. That's SCARY.

Terry is growing fast in the sweltering heat - he's now 15.5g and shed last night. Mmm, tasty skin. Geckos really know about making sure people can't find them. What better way than extreme camouflage and leaving no evidence that you were ever there in the first place?

"I think your friend is a computer. She knows to much about animals and hacking peoples informationz." - the "Victim".

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Doctor Who + Loituma = Awesome

I have to say, I actually like our new Doctor Who. I miss Tennant of course, but the new boy is doing a grand job really. We've just watched the last episode of the season and I laughed my ass off. Very well done Mr Moffat - I've always appreciated your work, but that really was a slight in the face of the many... and so subtly done. You'll of course remember in previous seasons there have been subtle tie-ins through all the episodes, ones you don't remember at the time or connect until they all swarm back to you in the final, explanatory episode (remember the Bad Wolf graffiti for a good example). This one however, it had the tie in blatantly staring you in the face all the way - but we didn't know the story behind it. Just like the others, but delicately backwards. Bravo sir, bravo.

So here's the Doctor Who Numa, fully updated!

By Britguy at

Thursday, 24 June 2010


I'm tuckered out! After all the furniture shifting, I got home the other evening and moved the fridge freezer into the living room, both axolotl tanks into the front room and whipped up a wonderful sausage, mushroom and vegetable casserole in time for His Lordship returning from a meeting with one of his clients. I probably ought to explain that we're moving the bigger items into the front room due to the impending kitchen renovation - it looks like it's happening FAST! This is the sort of look we've chosen:

Though we're getting a "jamocha" granite solid stone worksurface rather than the laminate shown in the picture, which will be nice! I always fancied a proper solid worktop. (Img: It'll be so nice to have a fresh, clean kitchen that has things in the right order and easily accessible; I dream of having a sink the right way round! Our sink has a diddy worktop, then the sink, then the dry rack and then all the rest of the worktop - it's in backwards. (However it now turns out after all the fuss that we're definitely getting granite, we're NOT actually now. Oh well.)

Terry is 15.1g and freshly shed - a squeaky new 'ko.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Real Dragons!

Kyle has had a wonderful day today. She took a stroll around her tank (as she is occasionally inclined to do) and discovered her hatchday present from back in May. Delighted, she's decided she DOES like it after all and spent the ENTIRE day sat on her little Dragon's Hoard feeling like a proper fire-breathing, proud dragon!

Tsam's quite content too - his best fun was yesterday going for a walk in Sherborne park. He hopped out of his basket and happily trotted along the paving slabs besides the little stream and waterfall, stopping at the edge. "Oooh." he says. "I know what THAT is!" He leapt into the water and shuddered - it was a bit colder than his baths at home. He had a nice splash under the waterfall, a quick wee and hopped back out to bask in the sunshine. Heaven.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Did you know...

His Lordship was sat looking at his thumb, clearly having read this little articlette. Curious, I leaned over and read what it could be that caused him to look so carefully at his thumb:
I nearly KILLED myself laughing. He snapped out of it, finished reading and went bright red.
We haven't laughed so much in ages.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Long Live Learning!

I had a marvellous flashback to my schooldays today - and just how NAFF my school really was. Our Geography ceiling fell in and knocked Mr Edwards out, followed by the science ceiling a couple of days later... One end of our school was sealed off and sold to a school for problem kids that broke in and stole stuff. Our main hall impressively set on fire and flooded itself on the same evening. My first years of IT were on BBC PCs - green and black screen with dot matrix printers and eight inch floppy disks... (Pic: Wikicommons) After that, it was dodgy old Windows computers with no mouse balls. I fail to understand what value the ball from a mouse has, but everyone stole them! And the rest of my years in IT (and History... and German, come to think of it) was a shockingly fast rotation of staff members rapidly leaving. I recall one of our smaller history teachers got hospitalised when she sat on a desk and it collapsed...

Whilst school didn't exactly instill a love of learning into me, my family did - I enjoy finding out interesting new things: I learned today that fire as we know it, the flame itself, is a glowing hot gas released by the combustion of the fuel itself... And to those who say you can't drink tea with chopsticks, I say "PAH!" You can if you're in SPACE.

But here's a thought for you folks - if the clip below creeps you out, you might just be suffering from "consecotaleophobia", otherwise known as the phobia of chopsticks! Here's something to go with your chopstick tea - some Japanese kitkats in an entire kitkat kaleidoscope of weird flavours! Enjoy, and always remember to work hard.

"The world owes you nothing. It was here first." - Mark Twain

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Building Beds and Lovely LOLs?

*phew* I am BAKED. His Lordship Senior has decided he wants to randomly gift us with a new kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, due to the mental way this house is wired (see late last year's bathroom fan fiasco) we need to rip up our bedroom floorboards to be able to access the wiring and make it go in the right direction.

So, I fished out my trusty allen key and took the bed to pieces, dragged it through and put it together in the spare (junk) room. His Lordship came to see where I'd got to; I grinned proudly and told him "I made the bed!" Literally. He couldn't believe I'd taken it all through and rebuilt it. (I think he forgot about my prowess with flatpack and the fact that we'd built the bed in the first place. Or rather, he'd kindly held bits still whilst I built it.) I do like making things...

Talk to the claw!

So I'm making LoLizards - the reptile's answer to LolCats!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ravenous and Roving Reptiles

The cutest thing happened today! I was watching Terry sticking to his window, and wiggled my finger across the front. For the first time, he tried to bite the strange white blob as it squeaked on the glass - so hard he fell off! I fell about laughing and dashed downstairs to grab the butterworms box. As he snuck around the little lilly, I dropped one of the smaller, luminescent yellow grubs onto the ground; Terry's eyes widened jet black. His head slowly tipped for a better look and POW! He had the worm and was shaking it like a mental terrier, battering it into submission and then chewing it side to side like the reel on a typewriter. Shluck shluck shluck - and the worm was gone. Nummnumnumlickity!

After the gecko had his lunch, we took a walk in the sunshine with the dragons to get ours from little Tescos. We picked up some fresh bread, peppers and salami for sandwiches and picked some of my home grown rocket and lettuce to finish it off when we got back. Kyle had decided she'd had enough of all this cheerfulness and made a mighty leap through the kitchen door, stalking off home in an inexplicable sulk. Which reminds me - my sister has made these awesome shoes!

Tsam, on the other hand, thought this was the best thing ever (as he's often prone to doing). We had a nice bask on the step before hopping down into the daisies for an exciting outdoors poop. (Him, not me.) This was followed by a slink through the grass and stopped to admire the rhubarb leaflets under the big red stalks. I advised him it was probably not a good idea to eat one, so he had a tentative lick and agreed with me; it didn't taste that nice. From there we had a good look at the radishes, an appraisal of the peas and a disgusted face at the number of onion stalks growing, so we left there and went to run amongst the raspberries. There weren't any ready yet, the gooseberries looked too small and prickly for words and the strawberries were all green. He gave me a look that quite clearly said "What kind of a gardener ARE you if you can't even have fruit ready for me when I want it?" We walked round the shed with Tsam checking it for leaks by sticking his nose in every slat...

Suddenly - a BIRD! The female blackbird looked at Tsam and Tsam looked at her. They both looked at me. She pooped and flew off, so Tsam and I came inside to relax with something a little less scary - my blogging and Tsam to dig in his cave. He does like to make it nice and comfy when he's been away such a long time! I wonder if she was checking her tweets?

Here's another cute eating scenario: This is Zac and Wheezie - the world's oldest and healthiest twin siamese dragons!

Word of the day: "Bobsnug" - from Garrett, describing Tsam attempting to assert his authority whilst huddling down in a comfy hug. Needless to say, it wasn't especially successful, but it was sweet!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Busy Bumble Bees...

Sorry for the language, but this lovely aquatic picture had me howling with laughter. He's very interested in that anemone - but look very closely, and keep looking... It takes a while...

If when you see it, you don't like it, feel free to put it through the webpage shredder: by clicking here and typing in the web page!

I had quite a busy day today; I went and watered the fruit, veg and pots with the tumbledrier and the boiler... I ought to explain - the tumbledrier is a condenser, so it has a pot of water it collects, and the boiler leaks, so there's a bucket outside collects the drips! The bees have been wuzzing round pollinating my chives, my raspberries and strawberries - so we can look forward to bright red, lumpy, onion flavour fruit next year - hahahah!

We took a run into town to have ice cream at Thorntons (huge thanks for our BOGOF token, greatly appreciated!) and I got my mountain of ironing done for the most part. I also took Kyle out for a quick run in the garden and gave her a manicure to see if it would cheer her up (it did) and Tsam was more than happy with a lick of his Dragon Drops.

And His Lordship has finally joined our Blogger ranks. Not much so far, but here's The Linkie.

"I am very disappointed. My magic stars, have been reduced to ... A MAGIC CLUMP! Awww... You can see their little faces distorted into screams as they melted." Joe.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bombs and Bongos?

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" - A famous line indeed, and never truer after the attempt on a Berlin Bank, May 28th.

In an effort to break open an ATM, they primed the machine with explosives - stood well back - and watched the entire building accidentally go up with a BOOM. Once the cloud of smoke had dispersed, with almost unnatural comedy failure - the amused ATM stood happily in the centre of the wreckage and rubble, mostly unharmed, being watched over by a slightly puzzled but still secure safe.

Better yet, they set their own truck on fire, when the blazing fragments came crashing down, having used 10 times as many gas canisters as required for the job. A local police spokesman said "They really botched this one!" Working with these metallic money munchers, I can honestly say I'm not in the least surprised. Lesson: Do your research first. Buncha numpties.

(Terry: 14.4g now and pooped on His Z key.)

Please, ignore the accompanying video, but do listen to this rather catchy music. We've been tapping our feet to it for DAYS... It seemed somewhat appropriate.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Billboard Bombardment

(Img 1) You have to give these two massive companies credit. Not only do they wage all out war against each other in the market, they do it in the advertising department too - and they do it with a sense of humour and flair. I very rarely see anything so funny!

Apart from Nerd-Wars. Hanny got into a bit of an argument with a girl who thought she was the geekiest, and called upon the nerdiest person she knows... Me. I'm not normally so obnoxious, and explained so afterwards. After a while of hedgehog pingpong (prickly back and forth banter) we've actually settled on an even ground and as always, I've got her to review her opinion of me, successfully. We both like The Big Bang Theory and odd languages. Ich bin a langer lucksh.

(Img 2) In retaliation to "Checkmate" Audi responded with this sassy comeback, featuring their new R8 Supercar.

"Hallo, I'm a friend of Hanny's, and I believe I uber-out-nerd you. I'm female, have an IQ of 136 at only 24 and I'm not naive enough to think I'm the absolute in Dorkdom, but I'm pretty high up there. My stats to the title: I beat the Ice Queen on Runescape at only lvl 43. I know that 14+ strength in D&D gives you a plus one bonus. I own 300+ Doctor who books, including a first edition 1964 very first Doctor Who annual. I paint warhammer models. I also enjoy String Theory (physics) as a hobby. I've been playing Neopets for over nine years and recently won an award for my article "A whole Neo-World of Food". I also worked out the fiscal value of a Vorpal Sword WITH a movie of the Robot Pirates song. I can recite the entirety of the Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and this little sucker ~ is called a Tilde. "

(Img 3) And BMW remained satisfyingly smug, with a beautiful poster released shortly after. Hehehe, insufferable gits!

Ah well. I put my creative writing to good use once we'd amicably resolved the nerd-disagreement, and finished my second article for Neopets. Watch this space! (I'm also writing a third now...)

But if you want the ultimate in all out war, you need to see the world of aquatic snails. Especially THESE guys. These pretty, black and brown striped animals have specialised in an extreme manner; these are Assassin Snails. They've tuned their engines and can outpace almost any other gastropod, and they can even hide by hanging upside-down on the water surface, waiting to drop down and strike an unwary snail, leaving behind little more than an empty shell as they literally rip it out and devour it... Respect Nature - she's seriously badass.