Friday, 7 January 2011

Terry Trouble!

It's usually the same routine every night.

"PLAP" on to the glass, just to make sure we know he's here.

"PLAP" on to his favourite yellow chameleon.

"PLAP" on to the finger.

Jump for the top, miss, get caught midair. There's been some close calls, as he's been practising his "strafe-jumps" more lately, warping sideways. Hop off onto the bed, run around, poop on paper (IF he remembers), then it's time to sit with His Lordship whilst I get Terry's syringe.

Licky licky lick water from the dripper, pause, lick eyes. Finish drink, run around. Sometimes eat worm (shake it like a terrier with a rat), followed by some light exercise with hand-to-hand splats before going back into the tank. Aim for the top, miss, get caught and put back in on the vine.

Splat on door. Stare at owners. Climb back onto favourite vine loop for TV.

I had to laugh at him this morning though. All the fuss and the run around at 5am put him right out of sorts. He fell asleep halfway through climbing his favourite vine. Dangling by one hand, (the other is round his back) two toes, a chin and a whole lot of sleepy gecko magic...

Click the pic for better quality.

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