Thursday, 9 December 2010

Snow Carrot...

Having had an early night, we woke to discover an even thicker layer of snow. Tsammy ran to the window and looked out at the bizarre, white world we'd brought him to; Kyle quite sensibly sat on her hot water bottle, watching it all from the comfort of the sofa. When Tsam kicked off a fuss and tried to annoy Kyle, we hooked him up to his lead and took him outside.

He was light enough to perch safely on top of the snow surface, though he did quickly discover it was giving him a chilly patch on his belly! A quick look around, and he decided as there was no mysterious white stuff under the plant pots, it was likely to be warmer there. It wasn't, so we took him back in and plonked him on his hot water bottle in his favourite bookcase to reheat.

Meanwhile, His Lordship and I threw our ages to the wind and ran around cobbing snowballs and building THE BIGGEST SNOW CARROT. It was going to be a snowman when we finished, but darkness fell, so we left it at an impressive 8 feet 3 inches snow carrot. In the long run, the temperature started to rise and the snow turned into ice, putting the kibosh on rounding out our snowman. My sister's one sort of slumped sideways like it was sick...

I did try to take an icicle off the side of the greenhouse, but it turned out the slightly warmer insides had melted the underside of the snow - and it promptly slid off the edge. It was VERY heavy. He was laughing at me trying not to drop it, so after the third picture, I threw it at Him. Very satisfying! (I'll load it on another blog later.)

We also tried out some Transvasin heat rub, as he'd hurt his shoulder shovelling. I can honestly say, that stuff REALLY works. I mean, REALLY. I put a bit on the back of his aching legs too, and sat across him to give his back a good knead... and discovered my backside slowly setting on fire. Lo and behold, I looked somewhat akin to a baboon! His back slowly turned sunburnt pink, and we both agree it's very similar to having a hefty dose of the slapsies, but less painful. Red, hot, slightly stingy... but it's set his shoulder back to normal and given me the most wonderfully warm hands for once. (More info HERE.)

Reynaudser's, take note: it's a massive circulation booster and warms your fingers right through! ("Itchy legs! But not like a normal itch.")

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