Thursday, 16 December 2010


The rest of our holiday involved dropping presents off to various family members (including visiting my father) and trying to deal with an overstuffed suitcase. My darling mummy has given us something MUHASSIVE which took up a fair spot of the room and weighed a flamin' ton. My wonderful grandparents on both sides have been trying to give us piles of stuff, including a large tin of Roses (which we shared), four different jars of preserves (plum, lemon marmalade, lemon curd and blackberry with apple) and a large loaf of plumbread, which did fit in my case because it was simply marvellous and we umm... ate half of it.

Getting home was interesting, but we got home at last. Most trains we managed to get a seat in one form or another and on EVERY train we got funny looks, hauling that huge Meerkat along with us. It's brilliant for clearing people out of your way though; you sort of run at them with this overgrown plush toy, and people leap to avoid you.

Alexandr did have a lovely natter with a lady in a green hat on the Bath train, and it cheered up a few people on their journey.

Today's Quote: "Woke up fully clothed and my shoes with a bed full of Ritz crackers. Feels like a bottle of Jager has takern a dump between my ears." - Gandy.

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