Sunday, 12 December 2010

Custard, Crisps, Carrots and Chihuahuas.

Learned some fun things today.
We all know humans are lateral, and tend to "prefer" one side to the other when it comes to things like writing, walking etc. Your eyes are also lateral, with the brain preferring to take information primarily from one and back it up with the other for the binocular vision. Try it at home - overlap your hands and line your thumbs together. This will create a triangular space. Hold your hands up and "capture" an object in it, a doorhandle, whatever. Close one eye, then the other to discover which one your brain likes best!

We also learned that drinking custard through a straw is not as fun as you'd originally think. According to my brother, you risk "yellow burps" and it tends to go a bit ... thin if you keep blowing bubbles in it. Mmmm, slimy?!

Yesterday we discovered it's possible to drink enough to muddle up where you live and seriously confuse taxi drivers (me), and also to get the hiccups so badly that the resulting dry heaves sound like the toilet failing to flush (him). We drank one for each person whom was unable to get here due to the weather and illnesses - but we DID find our favouritist crisps IN THE WORLD! DB Cash & Carry (01472 313200) stock the Sizzling King Prawn McCoys that we adore - I'm hoping to be able to call them and get them to post a big box to us!

If you fuss a chihuahua with his favourite toy enough, he'll fly around the house like there's a bug up his backside.

We also found that it's possible to convince my stepfather (a very clever man, but NO common sense!) that goatse is a fashionably trimmed beard, and that Bukakke is a cooking style. I would pay to see him Google that. For the safety of your own eyes, please don't. Mum says: "I'm waiting to spring Tub Boy on him at some point." Yuh, that's muh mummah for ya.

Today's Quote: "To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential."- Z.

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