Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Back On Board

It's distinctly cold, but rumour has it that it's warming up. I'm still not sure though, as last night it hit minus 10 and foggy; perfect weather for Ben and Jerry's apparently. My services as "lid remover" were required again. No problemo, there's a knack to stubborn Fairly Nuts tubs - you work around the edge and gently lever it off.
But this time instead of the lid prying off neatly, just the edge came off.


The delay in bloggage was due to His Lordship's Mother having been taken to hospital - her pancreas went screwy and shot her blood sugars through the roof, 27 instead of 5 normal. I'm pleased to say she's a LOT better than she was, as the fluid drain in her lung has done wonders and she's perky again.

I also confess we snuck in to see her, walking an hour each day even though His father didn't want us going in. I figured it wasn't fair for her to have a crummy birthday shut in the hospital with no presents. They've since shifted her to the local hospice and we'll nip in on Christmas Day too.

Whilst we were in the hospital, I found this on my inter-phone: self-sanitising door handles! These are genius, and I thought my Mum would love the idea, coming to the real world shortly. They have special UV emitters built in, that radiate along the handle when it's not being used, destroying the bacteria.

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