Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Time to be Worried?

I hopped up to nip to the bathroom, and spotted the bedroom light on - so I stuck my head through the door to switch it off - and discovered His Lordship with his trousers half off, a spatula in one hand, and a packet of tablets in the other. I raised my eyebrows. "It's not what it looks like. I haven't got that kinky yet." Apparently he was changing into house trousers before going to finish dinner... Still, I wish I'd got a picture.

Though that has reminded me - it's got SO cold now that my bed consists of mattress, insulator, lambswool topper, sheets, a poly duvet, a fleece blanket, a feather duvet and a woollen blanket.Oh, and He's buried somewhere in there.

Terry just fell off his leaf and grumbled "BOOP!" I swear, there was the same note and indignity in it as when you trip over a chair and go "Oh crap!" Stupid reptile. How can you fall off something when you actually BECOME part of it on a molecular level?! He's now sat in a corner quietly swearing at this crunchy new floor of dry autumn magnolia leaves I've put in; I can hear him going "Ff ff, Ff ff!" to himself.

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