Monday, 22 November 2010

So THAT'S Science

The progress that modern science makes has never ceased to amaze me. I look forwards to the future, purely to see what will happen next!

I mean, get this - they've managed to make DRY WATER. No really, they have! Dr Ben Carter, from the University of Liverpool, presented his research at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.

He said: "There's nothing else quite like it. Hopefully, we may see dry water making waves in the future."

Mind you, you do have to worry sometimes about scientific progress - there was once a time when they thought tobacco was good for you and applied it in everything. However, if you think that's bad, you clearly didn't know about the radioactive era... Viewed as a new kind of energy and assumed to have healing powers, they made absolutely EVERYTHING with radium in. Even ice cream.

Sometimes I can't work out how the human race has advanced so far with people this stupid. This link HERE is enough to make you feel like you could take the Nobel prize for common sense!

Some inventions occasionally strike me as a bad idea, for example the IPhone range. Whilst I appreciate "Smart Phones", I'm not keen on some of the Apps and company restrictions they put on their software. Apple can lock you out of the phone you've paid for and, in your contract, you never truly own it: it remains property of the Apple company.

Here's a fabulous picture - a mum asked her son to pass her the phone, and on the short trip from table to sofa, he managed to key something by accident. Upon which Apple promptly locked her out of her phone - for over 39 years.

Some of the dodgier apps I've seen released are the stalker app "Recognizr", which allows you to find all kinds of information about a person from the internet by taking a photograph of them. Currently it's restricted to the people that have signed up, but how long until Facebook gets linked in? There's also the voice modifier app, allowing you to change your voice patterns in a phonecall. I can only imagine how much easier this is going to make a ransom call! Way to go! Apple also annoyed the people that build Flash software, meaning that a large portion of the internet is now unavailable to Iphone and Apple users. Google's version will be Flash friendly, and they designed this cute game to make a point of it:

The "Kindle" is another weird one - we've all heard my Ipad rant - but this is even less useful! After all, I can read my book in any light conditions. My book never runs out of batteries. My book won't break if I drop it. I can read my book in the bath. Also, Kindle books currently cost more than actual books. Give yourself a treat - buy the real thing.

Mind you, Windows isn't all squeaky clean. Gotta love that shirt collar...

But if you want true proof of progress, check out Axis of Awesome's research into popular music success systems:

Quote of the Day: "Women. Can't live with 'em, can't successfully refute their hypotheses." - Howard Wolowitz, Big Bang Theory.

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