Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Laughin' at Lizards

Tsam's favourite thing is the "yeah, I'm cool" headbob. He scales the almighty sofa... pause... waits for the crowd to acknowledge his success and YEAH. "Bob bob bob - I ROCK."

It's a smug, self satisfied three bobs. You take him out of his tank, let him on the floor - and it's a great acheivement. I tell ya, he must have been Julius Caesar in another life or something. Took a crap... pause... check you're watching... YEAH. *grin and bob bob bob*

He's very sweet, but a bit stupid, especially when he's bobbing as you're trying to hug him, or pick him up, or put his leash on. Bit inconvenient trying to get the loops over a dragon whom is happily nodding away to himself.

More often than not, he goes "STAMP BOB BOB BOB bobbobbobob!" and Kyle goes "Coy bow, tip a wink, nod and WAVE." She's such a hussy too. She does this cute, over the shoulder peep and a looooowwww bow, with a cheeky hoik of the hips. Then she gets knacked off with him, and the end of her tail twitches. It's like a motor being wound - twitch twitch flick flickflick swipe ZOOOOOMMLUNATICLIZARD!!!!

Mind you, you have to watch the bugger, or he'll poop on my clean washing! Last time, I threw all the remaining clean socks at him one by one until he finally gathered enough brains, ran away and hid under his tunnel. Wooly ones make a wonderful "PLAF!" when they smack a thick headed dragon round the back of his skull...

Terry's learned a new move. "Strafe jump". It's the ultimate in stealth move. He looks like he's going to jump forwards but he actually manages to warp SIDEWAYS... Most disconcerting. It makes it very difficult to catch him too - I've nearly dropped him twice because he's "practising".

I've also caught him singing quietly to himself recently too. This is a movie clip of the fabulous Fabio singing himself silly, as Terry is far too quiet to pick up on audio devices yet - but the singing is very similar. Fabio is a flamboyant gecko, with a powerful little voice. His Lordship finally heard Terry today - but only when Terry told him off for trying to wake him up!

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