Monday, 15 November 2010


It's getting distinctly cold. I know, because our bedroom was 14C all night. So yes, the boiler is still broken, and after all that fuss about getting multiple quotes, British Gas is STILL the cheapest.

I'm just concerned that, because it was left for three weeks waiting to get other quotes (which turned out pricier anyway), we're going to be stuck at the end of the waiting list as everyone's upgrading now the ice is hitting. Leaving it a few weeks kind of takes the edge off when you tell them it's "urgent"...

We're spending the evenings in the big upstairs room where the lizard tanks and the electronics boost the temps, but I've given up tidying the house as it's just too damn chilly! Even Tsam's being aloof with me: "No, I'm being snooty. Snoot snoot snoot with my eyes closed." ... "Hey, wait... Is that a raspberry?!"
He's such a sucker for red berries.

Thankfully we've got plenty of duvets and clothes, plus many, many dressing gowns. After all, Mum and I used to live in an old, draughty, leaky Victorian building with no heating other than the oven when I was small. I do miss my hot bricks though.

So no, the temperature isn't unbearable yet - until you sit on the loo! EEK!

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