Thursday, 18 November 2010

Blissful Butternut

Sorry for not getting back sooner, I've been a bit busy with my latest projects. Firstly we tried making Garth's famous Butternut Squash Soup, which is just fabulous, SO easy to make and very cheap too.

You need a fairish size squash, some old potatoes (about a half-kilo), an onion and a stock cube. Soft fry the onions, then soften the squash and potatoes in the same oily pan with said onions. Throw it all together with about a litre of water and stock and wait until the veg goes biteably soft. Once that's done, whiz it with a hand blender and serve!

It tastes like warm autumn sunshine, especially served up with home made salt and pepper croutons. I love croutons. No really, I utterly ADORE croutons. There's something wonderful about these crunchy cubes of deliciousness and they're just so simple too. Fried cubes of bread with seasonings, thrown into a fresh soup - world class cuisine! Anyway, the butternut soup got the better of me and I went to sleep.

So yes, we had the leftovers today which were even BETTER than the fresh batch (go figure) and in the meantime, I've mastered fingerspelling and all the countries of Africa! And whilst I'm brushing up my new skills, His Lordship is eating a French caramel creme thing. Or rather, chasing it with a spoon as it slides round his bowl. Yuck. It's kind of like creme brulee, if you mixed it with jelly and served it with a bitter burned syrupy water. He says it's like a not so thick blanc mange. Yes, well, I've always regarded foods with "mange" in the name with the greatest of wariness. Mange touts - why would you want to eat unripe peas? Leave them alone for a bit and have PROPER peas.

Hey, there's an idea. I'm going to make pea soup next week.

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